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Why we choose to use Micro Modal Air at Tani Australia?

At Tani Australia, we are committed to creating basics that not only benefit people but also contribute positively to the planet. That's why we chose the Micro Modal Air from the Lenzing Group as the foundation of our fabric selection. Here's why:

Sustainable Sourcing

The Lenzing Group, based in Austria, is a leader in sustainable production. They source micro modal air fibers from beech wood cultivated in sustainable forests. We proudly partner with them because of their responsible industry practices. Lenzing employs closed-loop production, recycling water and solvents at a recovery rate of over 99%. This minimizes waste and water usage, making it a vital choice for the health of our planet.

Also, Lenzing Modal is biodegradable, contributing to a reduction in microplastic pollution in the ocean. This is a crucial aspect of our commitment to sustainability.

Why Not Bamboo or Organic Cotton?

While bamboo has advantages in water usage, the chemically intense process of creating bamboo fiber diminishes its natural antibacterial qualities. Organic cotton, though sustainable, often demands vast amounts of land and water. The Micro Modal Air from Lenzing strikes a balance, offering sustainability without compromising on performance.

Stay Fresh with Micro Modal Air

Our Lenzing Micro Modal Air fabric is fantastic at keeping moisture away, ensuring you feel fresh and dry. We believe what you wear matters, and our fabric is designed for ultimate comfort. It's even great for menopause, as it wicks away moisture and helps regulate body temperature, making you feel comfortable and cool.

Perfect for Travel and Any Seasons

Micro Modal Air is an excellent pick for travel clothing, offering a perfect mix of comfort, breathability, moisture-wicking, and easy care. Its durability and resistance to wrinkling and fading ensure long-lasting wear. Moreover, the breathability of Micro Modal Air keeps your body temperature regulated, providing comfort in both warm and cool conditions.

Beautiful and Lasting Colors 

Micro Modal Air fabric works like magic, creating vibrant colors that last. Its smooth surface allows color dyes to penetrate deeply, giving garments remarkable brilliance and making them less likely to fade, even after many washes.

In conclusion, our love for Micro Modal Air stems from its sustainability, comfort, and versatility. It's not just a fabric; it's a choice for a better, more sustainable future. Join us on this journey towards conscious and comfortable fashion.

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