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At Tani we are committed to provide a product that is environmentally conscious. We do this by establishing a harmonious relationship with the natural world. Our raw materials are sourced from regenerative European Beechwood forests that embrace the natural ecosystem to grow, meaning that our fabric is water efficient as there is no need for water irrigation systems.

By choosing Tani, you’re making a conscious step towards a more sustainable and comfortable lifestyle

Forest to Fabric

Tani proudly utilises TENCEL™ Micro Modal Air fibres to create our luxurious garments. This Micro Modal is manufactured using environmentally responsible production processes from FSC sustainably managed forests. During production, renewable energy and the recovery of process chemicals demonstrate actions which aim to safeguard natural resources for the future.

Why is TANI the best travel companion ?

The combination of comfort, breathability, moisture-wicking, packability and easy care

makes Micro Modal an excellent choice for travel clothing.