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    Silktouch™ Care Guide

    Follow our simple care guide to ensure your Micro Modal Air fabric retains that ultra soft feeling for longer

    Our ultra-lightweight, breathable fabric is the heart of Tani and we pride ourselves on giving you quality garments that will last. 



    Sustainable Care Tips

    Help us look after our environment
    by taking part in eco-conscious decisions
    when washing and caring for your Tani favourites.


    1. Wash less
    Our beechwood fibre possesses natural moisture wicking and antimicrobial properties meaning that you don’t need to wash your garments as often. Help us protect the environment by airing between washes to keep your garments fresh

    2. Cold wash
    For an energy efficient wash, choose a cold cycle to reduce your carbon footprint. Cold cycles also help to keep the colour rich and are less likely to shrink your garments.

    3. Avoid dryers
    Over drying can cause Micro Modal Air fibres to become brittle.

    4. Do NOT dry clean/bleach 
    Chemicals in the dry cleaning process can weaken the Micro Modal Air fibres, we advise to avoid dry cleaning  


    For more information on Micro Modal Air, click here.